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Mobile Topographer Pro

Developer: S.F. Applicality Ltd.
20.44 usd

Your Mobile Topographer goes... Pro!The leading tool for the professional surveyor offering the best accuracy and extensive functionality that no other app can!
Only in Pro:
*** Export data in the standard of GIS Shape files (.shp)
*** Import file- Import points from file in WGS84 format or CRS of your choice- Import points from text files (.txt, .csv) or Shape files (.shp)
*** 3D Terrain modeling & contours- Collect terrain data- Create a 3D terrain model- Create contours- Show on map- Load, save, export 3D terrain model and contours
*** Route tracking- Track your route- Process route - Get statistics- Show on map- Load, save, export route
*** Real time map projection while surveying
*** Survey on map.- Complete a survey without even going to the field- Insert, modify or delete points directly on the map- Correct or make additions to an existing survey
*** Group points- Divide your list of points in groups- Filter list of points view, by naming groups- Export list of points with group division or filtering- Select the contents of the exported lists of points
*** Device Elevation
*** Auto survey mode
*** Area, Perimeter, Number of vertices of polygon
*** Manually edit coordinates of a point- Key in the new coordinates- Reposition a point using drag & drop or edit mode
*** Swipe from left to view satellites while surveying
*** View GNSS satellites in Augmented Reality
*** Full functionality even without internet connection
*** Maps v2
*** Weather
*** Increased accuracy(For even better accuracy, you can link your device to an external GPS receiver)
Plus the well known features of Mobile Topographer Free:
*** Increase GPS accuracy using:- Weighted averaging (on every axis)- Map calibration- Device calibration on map, or on a know point
*** Display and convert GPS geodetic to cartesian EN coordinates and back:- UTM- Europe ETRS89/UTMZ28-38- Hellas HGRS 87 (GGRS87 - EGSA 87 - ΕΓΣΑ 87)- Hellas HGRS 87 (HEPOS)- Hellas HTRS07/TM07- Morocco Merchich CS- SPCS83 (124 zones) USA- Brazil & Central and South America SIRGAS 2000- Brazil SAD69/UTM Z18-25 & SAD69(96)/UTM Z18-25- Australia MGA94 (GDA94) & AMG66 (AGD66) National, A.C.T., Northern Territory, NSW & Victoria, Tasmania & AMG84 (AGD84)- Italy Monte Mario West Zone 1 Peninsular, West Zone 1 Sardinia, East Zone 2 Peninsular, East Zone 2 Sicily- Spain ED50/UTMZ29-30 NW, ED50/UTMZ29-31 ML, ED50/UTMZ31 BA.- Uk's OSTN02/OSGM02- Turkey ED50/Gauss-Kruger 3° Z9-15 & ITRF96 & ED50/UTMZ35-38- Argentina POSGAR 94 & POSGAR 2007- India Kalianpur 1975 ZI - ZIV- Central and South American SIRGAS 2000- France RGF93/CC42-50 Auto & manual- Canada CSRS (19 systems)- Carthage of Tunisiaand many more... (*** Multiple units support:- Meters- International feet- US survey feet
*** Height calculation:- Ellipsoidal height- EGM96 orthometric height calculation
*** Convert from geodetic to cartesian coordinates and back:- Support for device measured points, or- Manually input of geodetic or cartesian coords
*** Drive me:- Key in coordinates of the target point in either geodetic or cartesian format, or select a point from the list and follow the pointer- Compass indicating both magnetic and true North
*** Project on Map:- Project individual points on any map application- Project list of points, and the defined polygon, on embedded Google maps
*** Save multiple point lists, to use them later
*** Calculate area.
*** Export point lists to:- .txt (text file)- .csv (point file - comma separated)- .kml (google earth file)- .gpx (GPS Exchange format)- .dxf (drawing file)- .shp (shape files)
*** Send file via e-mail, or upload it to cloud
*** Satellites sky view
*** Signal strength and number of satellites indication for each GNSS constellation
*** Support of all GNSS constellations:- GPS- GLONASS - QZSS- BEIDOU- GALILEO
*** Complete help text support